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Reports & Credentials

Annaul Pastor's Report
SDMI Reporting

Annual Minister's Report Checklist

Our church year ends May 31st. 

Lead Pastors:

  • Handbook paragraphs are due June 1st. Email to

  • District Reports are due June 10th. Download and print a copy of what's on the report here.

  • APR Reports are due June 10th. Download and print a copy of what's on the report here.

  • The 2024 version of the APR is new!  For a video walkthrough of the new system, click HERE!

If you have any questions, please contact our District Secretary, Becca Graham at

Non-Lead Pastors: (Reports due May 1st)

Monthly Church Reporting

As of September 30, 2023, a new Church Reporting System has been put into place.  This report can be filled out each month by the lead pastor or someone whom he/she designates.  It can be completed after the month's end.  There is a dropdown for the month, so if you miss a month and would like to get caught back up, you may enter the appropriate month's information.  Questions may change from month to month.

If you need to access the old reporting information, you may do so using the link below:

Mentor Requirements

Credential Process

We are so excited you have expressed a call to ministry, and we hope you will feel empowered and equipped in this journey. In the following outline, you will find resources, tools, and an overview of the steps required to pursue licensing and ordination. 

Mentor Requirements

The District License and Ordination Candidate Mentor plays a crucial role in the Michigan District Church of the Nazarene's commitment to develop strong, mature ministers. 

Church Cross
District Forms

Forms for Pastors & Treasurers

We aspire to be a place where you can find all the available resources you may find yourself in need of as you faithfully lead your local church body. Below you can find many types of forms from financial forms to pastor forms. If what you need is not available below or on this resource page please reach out to us and we will be happy to provide help to get you what you need. 

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