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Children Reading the Holy Bible

Children's Ministry

We believe the lives of children need to be impacted by the Church.

Our prayer is that children will have multiple opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the Gospel.

It is our mission to support the local church by aiding them to help children become followers of Christ.

Children Reading the Holy Bible

Children's Quizzing

2023/2024 - Matthew


Pastor Sarah Bawks from Perry Church of the Nazarene is our  District Quiz Director.  Information will be added to this webpage as it becomes available. 

We are excited for this year of Children's Quizzing.  




October 14 (lessons 1-5) - North Zone: Saginaw Valley, South Zone:  ChapNaz

November 18 (lessons 1-9) - North Zone: Owosso First, South Zone: Cross Community

January 20 (lessons 1-15) - Remote Quiz for both North & South

February 24 (lessons 1-20) - North Zone: Owosso First, South Zone: Cross Community

April 6 (District Finals) - North and South Zones: Lansing South

Teaching Resources

120 lessons for all 6 years in curriculum in cartoon format.  

password:  testquiz

CD's and DVD's to help with Quizzing Bible memory

Please contact District Quiz Director - Sarah Bawks with any further questions.

World Quiz

Indianapolis - June 10, 2023

  • WQ23 will be in connection with General Assembly in Indianapolis, IN. WQ23 will be Saturday, June 10.

  • World Quiz is for those students who have completed grades 1-6, and who qualify at a District Quiz.

  • Students qualify by scoring 70% or better, on two "Qualifying Rounds" at the District Qualifying Meet.  Red Level Quizzers can miss no more than 9 questions, Blue Level Quizzers can miss no more than 12 questions.  The final District Quiz will cover Dig Sites 1-20.

  • Your District and or Regional Director will have more information about dates and times for your Qualifying Meet.

  • The Registration fee for WQ23 will be $60 per student.  Each student will receive a medallion, a bag, a tshirt and other WQ memorabilia.  Additional expenses will include travel and meals.

  • Registration will take place online.  The link will be provided at a later date.  The deadline for registration will be May 8, 2023.

  • Please plan to arrive no later than June 9.  There will be NO check-in on Saturday.

    For more information, contact Pastor Sarah Bawks,

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