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Reaching the New Generation of Young Women

 It is becoming more prevalent that the young ladies in our church feel lost. There is a gap from when they are active and feel like they belong to NYI. Then comes the time when they transition to adulthood and they feel lost. This is a great time for our Women’s Ministries groups within the local church to take them under their wings and mentor them in the Lord.

A recent article I read speaks to this very issue.  Dr. Linda Hardin, Single Adult and Women’s Ministry Coordinator for the Church of the Nazarene Global Ministry Center, gave some very insightful ways to engage our young ladies in the ministries of our churches. She gave an illustration where she refers to the 3 B’s.

  • Befriend them. Engage them in conversation; learn about their needs, interests, and desires.
  • Be willing to share life with them. Share the lessons you’ve learned; share how God has worked and continues to work in your life.
  • Be willing to share not only the victories, but the challenges you have faced—and continue to face. These genuine and sincere stories can be a source of encouragement to young adults as they learn to trust God.                                                                                                                                                            

A phone call is not the best way to make contact with young women today.  The best way today is to post something to them on Face book. Even email messages are not as important to them then the social networks. Another way is to send text messages.  These are the prime communication tools used by today’s young woman. Consider forming a Face Book group for the young women in your church.

Find places where young adults can belong. Identify programs and ministries that address specific needs or offer ministry opportunities to young adult women; then allow them to develop the program and ministry. Encourage leadership development and be generous with encouragement and support. Be available to help as requested or needed.

Teach your young women what Nazarenes Believe. Offer Bible studies that will help them discover how to apply biblical truths to their lives. Help them explore the foundational doctrines and beliefs of our denomination; what you believe and why.

Offer Bible studies at times and places that best fit the schedules of these busy young adults. Free small group resources for this study are available at www.clt.nazarene.org

Finally, pray that God will reveal ways for you and your church to help young women become the individuals and leaders God created them to be.


Tonia Elliott

SDMI Adult Ministries Director