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Michigan District Nazarene Teen  Quizzing 2012-13 Schedule






September 15

From 8 am to 5 pm

October 13        

QUIZFEST  - Kankakee, IL





QUIZFEST Invitational - optional

At Kankakee, ILL



November 3



MichiganInvitational at Kalamazoo

At Kalamazoo, MI


January 12

February 2  




March 23        

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The goals of Nazarene Bible Quizzing are...                                                                                                    

1) to encourage meaningful Bible study

2) to develop discipleship and life application skills

3) to create opportunities for interaction and fellowship and

4) to provide avenues for exciting Christian competition.

To get a successful start in this program, one should try to begin the studying process of studying by the 1st or 2nd week in August as the first quiz is Sept. 17 and the teens are expected to know Hebrews chapters 1 through 4 by the first quiz. 

Where do you start?  Return an email to Andy Brodock at or to Brent Vander Schaaf, former coach of the Three Rivers Teen Bible Quiz team, at  Explain in the email that you are seeking more information on how to possibly start a teen bible quiz program at your church.  We will educate you on how to start a Teen Bible Quiz program at your church.  We will also try to pair your church with a church nearby that could help mentor you in this process.

Any boy or girl going into grades 6 through 12 is eligible to participate in this program.  If your church only has 1 or 2 quizzers, we will combine you with quizzers from other churches to form teams.  There are two divisions of quizzing ¦ varsity and junior varsity.  The varsity division is for competitive quizzers and for those seeking to earn scholarships.  The junior varsity division is for quizzers just starting out or for those who are just seeking to do quizzing for the fun of it, even if one is a senior in High School. 

Pray about it ¦ discuss it ¦Hope to hear from you soon!

The first teen bible quiz on the book of Hebrews chapters 1 through 4 is Saturday, September 17, 2011 at Kalamazoo 1st Church of the Nazarene.  We will need ALL teams to register by 10pm Wednesday evening, September 14, 2011 so we can draft a schedule for the quiz.  Registration can be found at this website along with other information:

Coaches, if this is your first time using the website, you will create a login and password.  Once in, you will have the ability to add the names of all your potential quizzers (which by the way, you could do this part today if you chose).  Then, once the names are created, you will be able to create a team to register for the quiz by giving the team a name and putting a check next to the names of the members on that team ... then submit it.  If later, you need to modify this lineup, you can go back and modify it.

Teams should arrive between 8 am and 8:15 am to finalize registration and for quizmasters to set up their quiz equipment.  At this time, each quizzer will pay $5 to quiz to offset the costs of awards given and the cost of the St. Louis trip.

For questions on any of this information, please contact one of the two individuals above for more information or check out the Michigan District Bible Quizzing group on facebookand join the fun.