News Across the District

This in from the Sentinal-Standard serving Ionia County:

Another resource for people in need throughout the Ionia area is revamped and available, thanks to members and volunteers from the Church of the Nazarene.  Pastor Ron Bergin said the food pantry used to be offered by an on-call basis, but now the congregtion and its voluntters are providing the oppotunity for those in need to visit the location and receive food items each Monday at designated times.

"We're here to help and spread the love of Jesus by helping (the community's) physical need," said Pastor Bergin.  "It's just being the hands and feet of Christ." Read more about this store at the following link:

Nice article Pastor Bergin and Ionia Church.  God continue to bless your efforts to be Christ to the community.

From the Nashville Church: 

Through Faith Promise and other offerings, our NMI is fully funded for the rest of this year, so the Lord challenged me to go a different direction. We tried something entirely new. I encouraged our congregation to join me in an endeavor to reach out into other areas. I asked for our usual $1500 goal, to be sent for 1 of three needs. Those needs were:  #1 African Hunger Relief; #2 Hurricane Sandy Relief; and #3 for our local NMI society. I told them the 2nd Sunday it would be all right with me if they brought in $2500.00!!!

Well, JOIN ME THEY DID -----We raised over $4,500.00 for our projects.  For African Hunger, $2,325 was given and for Hurricane Sandy, $2,210 was given.  The balance goes into our local NMI.

I was totally speechless.  God is Good---all the time!!!

Joan Royston, NMI Pres. Nashville COTN

How many of you will join the Nashville Church in letting God bring in the abundance that you think you can't?