Missionary News

Some of the local presidents had the opportunity to hear missionaries serving in Kosovo at Presidents' Day in August.  I thought you would like to know what has been happening since they returned.

Friends and family,

We’ve been back in Kosovo for a little over a month and are grateful to be here. We hit the ground running the minute we arrived (in fact, Megan and I went to a birthday party as soon as we got off the plane!) Our kids seem to be settled in and I think they are both glad to be back home. Gil has been preaching just about every week in either Prishtina or Suhareka, as well as leading the music, spending time with the other Christian men, and building relationships in the community.

I have been teaching and counseling at the school, as well as keeping up with many coffee dates with new and old friends. I have really felt God calling me to be more available for informal times of gathering with friends who are not Christians this year and God has been faithful in providing opportunities almost daily to do so.

Just yesterday, I was able to have coffee with one of the mothers of the children who comes to our English classes. It was a wonderful time to get to know her. She asked why I would ever want to live in such a difficult place like Kosovo when I could live in the United States. I shared with her that I believe that God has called us to Kosovo and that we have great joy each day living in the knowledge of being exactly where He wants us. I was able to share with her about God’s provision in our lives through people like you and about God’s amazing faithfulness.

In the evening I was able to visit with a very poor family to whom our church has been ministering in many ways, including provision of food and housing, as well as bringing them to church and teaching them about God. They were praising God for his gracious provision in their lives, largely through the generosity of people like you. I loved being able to rejoice with them about God’s faithfulness in their lives, as well as ours.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayers and in giving. If you want to hear more about what God is doing in Kosovo, please let us know and we’d love to be in contact with you. We are looking for more monthly donors to support our ministry here. If you are interested in giving a one-time or monthly gift, please visit our blog at www.thibaultsinkosovo.wordpress.com and click on “Support the Thibaults.”

Thank you for partnering with us in ministry in Kosovo!


Sarah (and Gil)