Ministerial Studies

Welcome to the District Ministerial Studies Board for the Michigan District! Our main task is to assist Ministerial students in their educational preparation for ordination. The path to ordination is composed of three components:

1. Educational Preparation through the completion of an approved “Course of Study.” The District Board of Ministerial Studies supervises the student’s progress through the “Course of Study.”

2. Fulfillment of the credentialing process which includes local and district licensing and examination by interviews and mentoring relationships by the District Board of Ministerial Credentials.

3. Completion of service requirements in active ministry in a senior pastor or staff position.

For complete information on Preparation for Ministry in the Church of the Nazarene, go to the website in the clergy education section.  click here

There are two District Boards that oversee a student’s progress toward ordination. 

The District Ministerial Credentials Board examines a student’s life, doctrine and ministry experience in order to see if the student qualifies to receive a District ministerial license. Following the required time of service, this board examines a student to see if they qualify for the election to elder or deacon’s order. A student seeking a District Ministerial License or ordination must be interviewed by this board. Interviews occur in the month of May each year. For more information about this board contact Pastor Mark Walker

The District Ministerial Studies Board guides and oversees a student’s completion of the educational requirements needed to receive or maintain a district license and to qualify for ordination. Upon receiving a call to ministry and being issued a local license from your church board, you should enroll as a student in the Course of Studies by contacting the Ministerial Studies secretary. This board will follow the progress through the Course of Studies and assign a grade level for each student. (Grades are 1-4, with each composing of the amount of work needed to graduate.) 

Transcripts of classes completed by the student should be sent to the secretary, so that the board can track and assign a grade level to each student. The following group make up the Ministerial Studies board and are there to assist you. Feel free to contact any of these through e-mail by clicking on their name.

Jeremy Selvidge, chairperson

Gerhard Weigelt, secretary

Debra Mulder, treasurer

Ray Duck, lifelong learning coordinator

Will Baker

Nate Gray

Mike Rhodabarger