District Licensed Ministers


1) What steps do I need to take to become a licensed minister on the Michigan District?

There are four steps involved:

  1. You must have held a local license for at least one full year.
  2. You must have completed at least ¼ of the prescribed Course of Study.
  3. Request and submit an Application for District Minister's License from the District Secretary at mwalker@woodviewnaz.org. This can be filled out and submitted electronically.

2) When do the Credentials Board and Ministerial Studies Board meet?

The Credentials Board and the Ministerial Studies Board meet at the District Office each year in May. Both boards meet on the same day in order to make it easier on those who need to meet with both.

3) What preparation do I need to make to meet with the Credentials and Studies Boards?

First, rest assured that the Credentials Board and the Ministerial Studies Board are your colleagues. We are here to help you and guide you toward productive and healthy ministry. We have no desire to place barriers in your way. Our goal is to help you identify areas for growth in your journey of following God's call on your life.

You should be prepared to answer questions related to your own application for a license. Be prepared to tell us about some of the significant moments of your Christian Journey, especially “ salvation, entire sanctification, and your call to ministry. Questions regarding a divorce, local church ministry involvement, educational process, personal debt, and personal habits (including personal struggles, time spent with God, and accountability in your life).

4) What if I have been divorced?

A divorce does represent a barrier to receiving a District Ministers License that can only be removed by the Board of General Superintendents (MANUAL paragraph 320). This will require filling out the appropriate documentation and having a meeting with the District Credentials Board. If you have been divorced, your first step is to contact the District Secretary in order to receive the proper forms and to schedule a meeting with the Credentials Board.

5) Whom do I contact to have my transcripts evaluated in relation to Ministerial Studies requirements?

The secretary for the Board of Ministry is Gerhard Weigelt. He can be reached at Gerhard.weigelt@masonnaz.org. It is your responsibility to request transcripts from schools, colleges, universities, and seminaries to be sent to Rev. Weigelt for his evaluation. See MANUAL paragraph 426-426.6 for information regarding Education for Ministers.

6) What is the service requirement for ordination and what counts toward that service?

See MANUAL paragraph 429.3.