Our Missional Areas

The Michigan District is organized into five Missional Areas. Each area is led by a Missional Coordinator and Undershepherd. A description of their roles and responsibilities can be found on adjoining pages. Information on which churches are in each missional area below.  

Thank you for answering God's call to be missional. Welcome to our mission! This is why our Missional Areas exist. We exist "to assist and encourage local churches in their mission of making Christ-like disciples."


Northeast Missional Area

Missional Coordinator: Jeremy Selvidge (mpnazarene@gmail.com

Undershepherd: Randy Owens (office@svcnaz.org)

Churches: Alma, Bay City Faith, Bay City First, Chesaning Market Street Square, Midland Bethel, Midland Community, Midland Nease Memorial, Mount Pleasant Faith Indiana, Mount Pleasant First, New Lothrop, Saginaw Burk Memorial, Saginaw First, Saginaw New Life, Saginaw Swan Valley, Saginaw Valley, St. Louis, Sumner Center 


Northwest Missional Area

Missional Coordinator: Nathan Gray (nathan.gray@elmdalenaz.org

Undershepherd:  Tim Smith (trsmithspartami@juno.com)

Churches: Elmdale, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids Hyde Park, Grand Rapids International Fellowship, Grand Rapids Northeast Community, Grand Rapids West International, Greenville, Hastings, High Pointe Community, Holland, Ionia, Lowell, Muskegon Breakwater, Muskegon The Lakes Community, Sparta 


Southeast Missional Area

Missional Coordinator: Phil Stout (admin@jaxnaz.com

Undershepherd: Murphy Gill (murphylgill@gmail.com)

Churches: Albion, Charlotte New Faith, Coldwater, Eaton Rapids, Hillsdale, East Jackson, Jackson First, Mason First, Mason West Columbia, Reading, Spring Arbor


Southwest Missional Area

Missional Coordinator: Ryan Wolford (ryanwolford@gmail.com

Undershepherd: Bob Anderson (officemanager@threeriversnazarene.org)

Churches: Buchanan, Battle Creek First, Battle Creek Hope, Corey, Kalamazoo Cross Community, Kalamazoo South Side,  Nashville, St Joseph, Sturgis, Three Rivers, Vicksburg Chapman Memorial, White Pigeon The Light House Community.


Capital Missional Area

Missional Coordinator: Tim Harmon (tim@perrynazarene.com)

Undershepherd: Will Baker (wrbaker7@sbcglobal.net)

Churches: Corunna, Durand, Grand Ledge, Holt, Lansing Breakthrough, Lansing Central, Lansing First, Lansing South, Lansing Waverly, Lansing Woodview, Laingsburg, Okemos, Owosso First, The Intersection Downtown, Perry, Portland, St. Johns, Williamston


Missional Coordinators

The purpose of the Missional Coordinators on the Michigan District is assist and encourage local churches and church leaders in developing an environment where Christ-like disciples are made. Their duties include the following:

  • To facilitate missional conversations
  • Upon request of the District Superintendent, assist in Church Health Assessments or self-studies of churches in their missional areas.
  • To promote and facilitate a Missional Area Strategy and sense of mission that includes but is not limited to:
    • Evangelistic impact
    • Disciple-making training
    • Lay leadership development
    • Pastoral training (informally but intentionally done)
  • In cooperation with the Church Health Board and NewStart Strategy Team, promote church planting through local churches
  • Serve pastors in mentoring, coaching, affirming and leadership development roles
  • Oversee growth opportunities, professional development, book studies, strategic planning, etc., for the Missional Area Ministry Team
  • Direct, with other Missional Coordinators, events for pastoral growth and missional development across the district
  • Organize training opportunities in the missional area
  • Work with DS and Church Health Board to assist churches in crisis
  • In concert with Undershepherds, help facilitate communication between the churches and the district
  • Meet quarterly with the DS for reporting, strategic planning and prayer



The purpose of the Undershepherds on the Michigan District is to assist pastors through encouragement, fellowship, prayer and communication. Their duties include the following:

  • Serve in a pastoral role to Missional Area pastors and families providing counsel during times of need, pastor crisis care, hospital visits, spiritual and moral support
  • Gather the Missional Area pastors and families for occasional times of fellowship, including events and activities that minister to pastoral family needs
  • Plan regular times of prayer and sharing with the Missional Area pastors
  • Welcome new pastors to the Missional Area
  • Work closely with Missional Area auxiliary chairpersons in the fulfillment of their responsibilities
  • In concert with Missional Coordinators, help facilitate communication between the churches and the District
  • Represent the DS when he is unavailable or, in other ways the DS and/or the District Advisory Board might request
  • Meet quarterly with the DS for reporting, strategic planning and prayer


Our core responsibility as Mission Area Coordinators and Understepherds is to serve pastors and church leaders. Whatever we are doing in the moment, whether it be providing pastoral care, encouragement, fellowship, church health resources, communication, etc. our leadership role calls us to never stop the leadership development process, i.e. through mentoring, coaching, and affirming. We will only grow to the level of our developed credibility. 

To understand how MA Coordinators and Undershepherds can further develop credibility with those we serve, click here. This downloadable powerpoint lays out the basics for how we build coaching credibility with the people we serve. It also contains information on How To Prepare For A Coaching Appointment. To download a one-page coaching outline you can use, click here.