ReLaunch Defined: A ReLaunch church is a congregation that is “stuck” in an unhealthy mode due simply to a lack of knowledge and direction. With the goal of church health, a process of assessment, renewal, planning and implementation is followed, resulting in a “re-launch” of the congregation.

ReStart Defined: A ReStart church is a congregation that faces a “financial, morale or otherwise unhealthy situation [crisis] that seriously affects the stability and future of the church,” (par 125.1). While the church may still be in a survival mode, the church faces a lack of knowledge, direction and resources. This crisis usually includes a lack of leaders, a lack of finances and a lack of “critical mass” in the number of people. With the goal being to achieve church health, a process of assessment, renewal, planning and implementation is followed, resulting in the “Re-Starting” of the congregation. For more information about ReLaunch & ReStart churches, click here.



The following are some resources developed for use by our churches:

Action Plan Evaluation Checklist

Building A Life-Changing Disciple-Making Process

Giving An Action Plan Presentation

Membership Class - 5 Attitudes & 3 Actions

New Ministry Planning Worksheet

ReLaunch / ReStart Sample Timeline 

Church Planter Characteristics & Informal Assessment


Church During the Week

In our network of Michigan District churches, we have activities, Bible studies and church services going on every day of the week, for all age groups and in multiple locations across Michigan. We have a never-ending commitment to improvement and learning from one another how to reach out and impact our communities in a greater, better way.

For more information about the activities and ministries in our individual churches, we encourage you to contact the local church. Let's pray for each takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people.


ORGANIC, Neighborhood Churches

John Wesley was a pioneer in Organic Church thinking. His spiritual leadership helped transform the culture of his day and he used "lay-pastor/preachers" to do it. He developed a system of disciple-making in neighborhoods. To download a power point presentation entitled, "The Organic Church Legacy of Wesley," click here

We believe neighborhood "the world is my parish" churches are all part of God’s original growth plan. The Nazarene Organic Church Network is a group of believers who understand that God can and does work in many ways. The way that we've found works well in these times is a return to the ancient ways of meeting in the houses of believers. It is a natural or "organic" expression of the church started almost immediately after Jesus returned to heaven. We are followers of Jesus the Nazarene. Because of that we believe in living a life like Jesus, a Christlike life.

We invite you to visit Lansing BreakThrough Church of the Nazarene, at various locations throughout the Greater Lansing Area (see below). For current locations and schedules send an inquiry to network mailing address: 5151 Killarney Dr. Holt, Michigan, 48842, or feel free to contact the leader, Mark Montgomery.

Tim Horton's Cafe and Bake Shop, Okemos

Tim Horton's Cafe and Bake Shop, Larch Ave, Lansing

Tisdale Ave. Youth Neighborhood Church, Lansing

Gospel Community, Dewitt

Training for Reigning, Eaton Rapids

Studio Church, Williamston

Scenic Lake Neighborhood Mission, Laingsburg

Glenmoor Manor Grace Mission, Holt

Healing Hands Fellowship, East Lansing

Javier's College Bible Study, East Lansing

Parent-Affiliated with South Church of the Nazarene, Lansing are two neighborhood churches in East Lansing led by Willie & Nicole Bodden.

The quarterly gathering of the Nazarene Neighborhood Churches in Lansing is held at the Best Western Plus hotel on South Cedar.