Missional Health Process

The Church Health Board is committed to assist local churches to experience and maintain church health. We help you identify and take positive steps forward, answering the question, "What makes a healthy church?" To achieve this, we use three simple tools.

1. Church Self-Assessment (using Church Health Vital Signs)

2. Ministry Evaluation (using the Ministry Evaluation Worksheet)

3. Annual Church Plan (fulfilling Manual requirement, 122 & 129.4)

All of these are offered free of charge to all of our churches, pastors and church boards. Mission Area Coordinators and other District Qualified Coaches are available to assist pastors and church boards in using these tools. To request a District-Qualified Coach to assist you, please contact ourĀ District Church Health Team. Thanks for your patience as we continue to develop and perfect our Missional Health Process! If there is any way we can serve you better, please let us know.