Ministry Evaluation

A local church is only as healthy as the individual ministries that operate within the church. One of the hardest things we do as pastors or board members is to change or stop a church ministry that was once highly effective but has become ineffective over time. Making changes requires us to have a way to do an objective, "unemotional" Ministry Evaluation. We have developed one for your use, free of charge. To download a copy of it, click here. The following are 10 advantages/benefits of using the Ministry Evaluation Worksheet:

1. We use one Worksheet for each ministry we are evaluating.

2. The Worksheet takes the subjective process of asking, “How is this ministry doing?” and "Should we keep doing it this coming year?" and offers us an evaluation process that is very objective. 

3. It helps us define the Ministry Target Group.

4. It helps us define the Purpose of the ministry.

5. It helps us identify the measurable results we are aiming for.

6. It helps us identify the leaders, workers and any training needed.

7. It helps us identify the facilities & budget needed.

8. It helps us identify the "people hours" this ministry requires/uses.

9. It helps us honestly measure what we are/are not achieving.

10. It helps everyone make better decisions in a more "informed" way.