Annual Church Plan

In the Nazarene Manual paragraph 129.4, one of the key business points of the church board is: "To conduct at least once a year, along with the pastor, a planning session for the purpose of updating a clear understanding of expectations, goals, plans and objectives." Manual paragraph 122 further explains that these "written understandings are to be filed with the district superintendent." The Annual Church Plan should be a time of celebrating what God helped the church do the past year and lay out what the pastor and the church board plan to do together in the coming year.

This is a very biblical principle that has ancient roots. When David was sharing the plans of building God's house with his son Solomon, he testified, “All this is in writing,” David said, “because the hand of the Lord was upon me and he gave me understanding in all the details of the plan” (1 Chronicles 28:19). Just as God anointed David to develop a plan, we believe God wants to anoint and guide the pastor and the church board as they develop God's plan for each church year.

The Annual Church Plan submitted to the District Superintendent does not have to be complicated. It simply needs to satisfy the following 3 requirements:

1. The Pastor and Church Board should meet for a planning session.

2. The expectations and goals of the church should be discussed.

3. The goals and objectives for the year should be written down and 

sent to the District Superintendent.

For a simple Annual Church Plan outline, click here.

For a powerpoint presentation that gives you practical steps in building an Annual Church Plan, click here.

THE ANNUAL CHURCH PLAN IS NOT ANOTHER CHURCH DUTY TO BE DONE. INSTEAD, IT IS A RESOURCE AID TOWARD DEVELOPING CHURCH HEALTH. The role of our District-Qualified Coaches is to provide support and help in the planning process. If there is any way we as a District can better assist you, please let us know.