Mission of the Church Health Board

"To encourage, nurture and assist local congregations

to experience and maintain church health."

The Church Health Board of the Michigan District is currently engaged in a strategic planning process to determine next steps. To become familiar with the planning process we use, click here. Below are 5 Core Values that guide our thinking.

Values of the Church Health Board

1. Provide Useful Resources - The Church Health Board is committed to assist local churches to experience and maintain church health by providing simple tools. Delivering the right tool at the right time can transform a pastor's ministry in powerful ways.

2. Provide Qualified Coaching - The Church Health Board is committed to assist local churches to experience and maintain church by providing district-qualified coaching. When we think of individuals who have helped us grow spiritually or serve effectively, they are people who took the time to invest in us, to care for us, to mentor and coach us.

3. Focus on Church Health, Not Growth - We are committed to moving beyond measuring the "fruit" of growth [attendance, buildings, income, new members, etc.] to being "workers together with God" (1 Corinthians 3:9) and paying better attention to the "roots" that produce the fruit. We need all sizes of churches. We reject any thinking that values larger churches over smaller churches. On the Michigan District, we focus on health, not "growth." 

We believe there is no relationship between the size of a church and the health of a church. There are some small churches that are very healthy and large churches that are unhealthy. There are large churches that are healthy and small churches that are not.

It takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people. We believe our churches should be the same in doctrine but NOT the same in style, strategy or context.

4. Maintain Dependence on God - We need"God Moments." God can do more in 5 minutes of His work among us than we can do in 5 years of organization, human structure and depending on ourselves.  God Alone Builds A Healthy Church - In the district church health resources we provide, we are committed to resource pastors in paying attention to the factors that will improve the health of their church, i.e. empowering leadership, gift-orientated ministry, passionate spirituality, inspiring worship, etc. But we know these factors, in and of themselves, do not create church health. They simply describe a healthy church. We believe God alone does the work of building a healthy church. The Scriptures make clear, "I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow" (1 Corinthians 3:6-7). None of our human efforts can "create a healthy church." To think otherwise is heresy. "God moments" and spiritual "next steps" are the ingredients of building a healthy church.

5. Focus on Spiritual "Next Steps" - We have learned that people seldom make huge spiritual leaps all at once, but healthy churches help people maintain their spiritual growth by assisting them in taking their spiritual "next steps."

Some "next step" examples are: 1) a decision to begin attending church, 2) repenting and receiving Christ as Savior, 3) personal witnessing, 4) public baptism, 5) becoming a self-feeding Christian, 6) joining a small group for growth, 7) becoming a giver, 8) entire sanctification and living baptized with the Holy Spirit, 9) using spiritual gifts in meaninful ministry, 10) becoming a tither, 11) decision to begin developing as a leader, 12) becoming a ministry leader, 13) assuming Church Board leadership, 14) becoming involved in lay ministry training, 15) becoming a locally liscensed minister, etc. As pastors and churches, we nurture people to take these steps.

Vision of the Church Health Board

Due to the diversity of the Michigan District, the vision of the Church Health Board is multi-faceted. We offer various initiatives to our 76 local churches, including:

  • Church Health Resources
  • Partner Collaboration with Mission Area Leaders
  • Evangelism / Revivalism
  • Partner Collaboration with the NewStart Strategy Team
  • NewStart Projects/ ReStart Projects / ReFocus Ministry Projects
  • District Prayer Ministry 
  • Diverse Cultural Ministries
  • Reserve Army
  • Christian Action
  • Missional Investment Fund