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Michigan District celebrates 100th Anniversary 

In July 2014, the Michigan District will celebrate its 100th Anniversary.  Celebration will begin during District Assembly, July 13-14 at Indian Lake Nazarene Camp in Vicksburg, Michigan with the performance of B. J. Johnston's "The Man from Aldersgate." General Superintendent Dr. Jerry Porter will preside over the assembly.

During district assembly and throughout the week of Family Camp (July 15-20) our celebration will continue with speakers Dr. Stan Toler, (evening and Sunday evangelist) and Dr. Russ Bredholt, (Bible and devotional) along with our Missional Area Coordinators (Dr. Larry McKain, Rev. Jim Spohn, Rev. Nathan Gray, Rev. Jeremy Selvidge and Dr. Phil Stout) giving the morning messages.

By order of General Superintendent Dr. P. F. Bresee, Rev. J. W. Lawrence called to order the first assembly of the Michigan District on December 10, 1914.  Rev. A. H. Kauffman was elected superintendent. There were 11 churches with a membership of 472 at that time.

In 1949 the district had grown and it was voted to divide the district into two districts (Eastern Michigan and Michigan). In 1986 the 35 northern churches on the Michigan District organized as the Northern Michigan District.

Today, the Michigan District consists of 75 churches.

We invite you to attend the events planned as the Michigan District celebrates the past and anticipates the future. More details about the Centennial Celebration can be obtained by calling the district office at 517-622-8450 or by emailing districtoffice@minaz.org

“The Michigan District exists to assist and encourage our local churches in their mission of making Christ-like disciples.”


 Numbers 3:7 (NIV)
They are to perform duties for him and for the whole community at the Tent of Meeting by doing the work of the tabernacle.
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